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Take Me to the River by 4160 Tuesdays

  • Eau de Parfum

Notes:  Leather, Tobacco, Musk, Wine, Cognac, Rose and Raspberry Jam

From 4160 Tuesdays:

“The fragrance inspired by the song, sensual and a little bit wicked.

The scent of a love affair that feels fabulous, but isn't really going anywhere.

Our first fragrance of the pair is based on the Talking Heads live 1980s version of Take Me To The River:

We wanted to capture by the feeling of an irresistible attraction to someone who's very bad for you but that you don't want to give up, not yet. If you've been there, you're probably very glad to be out of it, and maybe look back with a certain fondness but much more relief.

Do listen to the song to get the idea, but we asked our Facebook group, 4160Tuesdays News what it should smell like and we got:

"whiskey, cigarettes, money, 80s loud perfume, lipstick, salt water/tears, dirt, roses and leather"

"sex and leather and tobacco"

"cocoa with the birch tar, orange, sandalwood and vetiver"

"Oakmoss, Patchouli, Civet, Smoke, Musk"

"Petrol, chalk, damp wood and metal (bit like what guitars smell like) and sweet sweaty musks. Analog cameras and bakelite, rubber shoes and vintage aftershave. 80’s velvet upholstery"

"fag smoke, leather jackets, sticky wooden floors, face powder, lippy & massive clouds of Elnett hairspray"

We took all these ideas and went with leather, tobacco, musk, wine, cognac, and a hint of rose and raspberry jam.

We made three accords: irresponsible irresistible temptation - mostly musks - wine and roses, with cognac essential oil, rose absolute, some fruitiness and spices, then one named Chair: the kind of ancient worn leather sofa that smells of tobacco and layers of beeswax polish, a chair that's just about large enough to hold two people who would like to become better acquainted."

Perfumer: Sarah McCartney

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