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The Extra Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO) by 4160 Tuesdays

  • Parfum

Top Notes:  Bergamot

Heart Notes:  Woods

Base Notes:  Vanilla and Ambergris

From 4160 Tuesdays:

UNITS OF SEXINESS from 4160Tuesdays on Vimeo.

“It started life as the background for a bespoke fragrance event we did with The Gin Garden. It was specially designed to be smooth, unassuming, quiet, sensual and to stay close to the skin. (We would take this, then add the gin botanicals to make a gin inspired scent.) But then we did a special event for two VIP guests, and one was a journalist. She liked it on its own, as did many of the other visitors, and declared it, “the sexiest scent ever!” and so it came to be named. IMHO stands for in my humble opinion, and it's meant ironically. In the world of perfumery “sillage” refers to the distance a perfume will travel from the wearer. The Sexiest Scent on the Planet Ever (IMHO) - after the first waft of lemon meringue pie-like lickability - has very low sillage, on purpose. You have to get up close to smell it. This is a good thing."

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