$235.00 USD

Trajan by Electimuss

  • Eternal Collection
  • Pure Parfum/Extrait
  • Made in England

Top Notes:  Mandarin Orange, Lemon, Bergamot and Blood Orange

Heart Notes:  Lavender, Sage and Saffron

Base Notes:  Cedar Wood, Oak Moss (Oakmoss) and Ambergris

From Electimuss:




Explore the Silk Road with this fruity aromatic floriental.

Inhale sweet vistas of citrus groves, traverse fields of lavender and sage, tiptoe through a cedar wood, and melt into some sugar and spice. Lemon groves and sweet geranium laced with star anise and cloves mingle with a slightly darker base of patchouli, ambergris, cedar and a soft leather.

This exquisite fragrance is olfactory sunshine, versatile, comforting, uplifting and oh so charming. Like all our fragrances it uses the finest oils and ingredients so it has fantastic projection and longevity.


TRAJAN was one of the five great emperors. A man of pioneering spirit and adventure. His rule saw the greatest expansion of the empire across the Silk Road. His reign saw cultural diversity, wealth, trade, peace and creativity flourish and Romans collected the finest perfume ingredients on their travels.

This scent celebrates the journey as an olfactory pilgrimage from the Mediterranean to the East. Cedar woodland with a hint of Eastern sugar and spice.

Trajan is a beautifully balanced warm citrus fragrance for men and women encompassing Mediterranean citrus groves and a hint of spice from the Silk Route.

We love to create intense and indulgent fragrances with potent combinations which make for powerful long lasting perfumes with unbeatable projection and longevity. This ensures a spray goes a long way and that you get the most out of your perfume.

But we also believe in luxury that is great value for money. The quality of our fragrances exceeds other fragrances in our price bracket. And we also want to create niche luxury  perfumes starting at an affordable price, rising to the highest levels of quality to ensure we are accessible to fragrance lovers with different budgets."