$195.00 USD

Use Abuse by Jusbox Perfumes

  • Eau de Parfum Spray 
  • Olfactive Family: Musky Floral
  • Perfumer: Antoine Lie
  • Concentration: 20%

Top Notes:  White Tuberose, Mandarin Orange and Incense

Heart Notes:  Jasmine Sambac, White Peony and Sandalwood

Bottom Notes:  Opoponax and Musk

From Jusbox Perfumes:

“A huge, ecstatic crowd is overwhelmed by an unstoppable energy. Bold costumes and unmistakable vibrations are the expression of a powerful personality that is able to assert and show itself in all its authenticity. Singin’ we will we will rock you!

As overwhelming as Queen’s legendary performances and as magnetic as its front man, Freddie Mercury’s personality, Use Abuse is a vibrant and explosive fragrance that evokes all of the excitement and enthusiasm of the 80s. The unique musky-floral accord, created by master perfumer Antoine Lie, is a tuberose overdose played together with sandal, jasmine sambac and musk, expressing the exuberant nature of a generation who was not able to resist the lure of excess and eccentricity.

Use Abuse pays homage to the unstoppable energy of Queen’s extravagant and innovative performances, expressing the audacious and exuberant soul of the 80’s.

These are the years of economic boom and endless possibilities. If we were to describe the 80s in one word, it would have to be excess! Life can and must be lived to the fullest, the freedom of expression is limitless, and eccentricity is an entire generation’s mantra. An era that enthrones its superstars and turns the stage into a temple of their credo, can only bow down before Queen’s groundbreaking and overwhelming soul, being conquered and carried away by Freddie Mercury’s charisma. Live performances that have become legendary, eccentric looks breaking all taboos: an endless range of sounds, shapes and colors give life to a whirl of emotions which are impossible to resist, strongly affirming an identity which is eager to go beyond all definitions. It is pure energy.

The 80’s generation, went down in history as the Era of euphoria and consumerism, use and abuse of everything. Expression of a society who has the chance of being limitless and chooses showing-off as Manifesto.

The color that identifies Use Abuse exude love and enthusiasm, together with a sense of power. Moreover, this was Queen’s most used color, as well as their most representative one.

The perfume evokes the same blend of power and refinement that characterizes Queen’s music.  The delicate and sophisticated Tuberose note, beyond being overdosed and then extremely intense, becomes even more intriguing thanks to a metallic nuance which makes the composition vibrate like a powerful high note. In the opening, Mandarin infuses the fragrance with a strong energy, while the warm and musky dry down conveys a powerful and lasting Echo, a tribute to Freddie Mercury’s extraordinary vocal style.

"More, more and more! No rules, no limits, no boundaries, the celebration of the excess: in everyday life as on stage! Boom!  V-Monkeys, 1980”