$240.00 USD
Vanilla in Bourbon by Scents of Wood ~ L’Âme du Bois
  • Made in USA
  • By Laurent Le Garnec
  • Bottle and cap colors may vary.

Notes:  Lemon Zest, Cardamom, Cinnamon Bark, Myrrh, Gurjun Alatus Balsam, Ambreine (Ambery), Vanilla Bean Extract, Guaiac Wood and Olibanum

From Scents of Wood:


The addicting Vanilla is both exotic and nostalgic at once. It is a precious ingredient that fills the soul with comfort and delight. It captivates with its powerful, long-lasting sweetness and subconscious sensuality. To amplify and capture the most provocative side of Vanilla, Myrrh Resoid anchors the Vanilla with its sweet, balsamic, and powerful nature.

An explosion of Vanilla, where its intensity transcends for a provocative journey.

An ode to the precious Vanilla, where its boozy & intoxicating nuances are enhanced to showcase its beauty and intense animalistic attraction. An addicting overdose of Vanilla, where its scent takes to an extreme instinctive attraction."